Friday, 11 July 2008

MY SPINNING WHEEL HAS ARRIVED! Mike drove up to deepest darkest Wales and collected my Majacraft Rose for me. She is beautiful and I'm just going to gaze at her tonight. The hound has done a full sniff over and checked her into the house and I've strategically placed Sparky's scratching post in front of it just in case he gets any ideas in the night. I dyed some more BFL today so I've got lots to practice on. Last night I ordered some undyed Merino/ Silk, some undyed bamboo from DT Crafts, where I got my yarn dyes from and have great service, and some undyed superwash BFL and some undyed tencel to try out from World of Wool

I've been very awake today (yay!) and managed to do some more of my never ending Ribbon lace scarf - its a lovely pattern but seems to be going on a bit now

..... and I think I've finally cracked crocheting. I am really cack handed and its been a bit of a struggle but I am getting there finally. Nothing to show for it yet.
But starting to feel alot better now I've reduced dose of Lyrica and haven't had a migraine for a few days (touch wood) so the Lyrica may even be helping.

Luke bought his school report home and it was really good, apart from the bit he had to fill in where he wrote 'I don't like school'. Little ratbag. We made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate end of school week

No prizes for guessing what I'm doing tomorrow.....

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Cinders said...

Have fun on your spinning wheel. looks fun!