Monday, 27 August 2007

knitting and more ...

i've been knitting like a demon these past few months - i've finally found something i can do while recovering from a migraine!

recently i have completed:

slouchy socks (knit on two needles flat) made in Debbie Bliss cashmerino (From Erika Knights 'Classics')

I read on knitting forums that this yarn pills alot - I have only worn them a couple of times and the yarn has pilled - but i'd still use it again as its gorgeous to knit and feels so lovely on:

and Cable scarf made in Debbie Bliss donegal tweed aran (from same book):

I will hunt out the other stuff I've made and take some pictures of them too.

I've just found a fab hand dyed yarn supplier called Skein Queen....well her computer name is skein queen anyhow (who doesn't live that far from me!) - she has an etsy shop and blog - I adore her colour combinations and will be purchasing some yarn from her very soon!

meanwhile the boys have been having a lot of fun in the garden, enjoying the hot weather after all the rain we've had this summer: