Sunday, 10 July 2011

The house has been in an uproar the past 2 weeks due to our latest addition. He is a lilac point Ragdoll and was 8 wks old when we got him. He is so bold and full of life and its taken the other pets a while to get used to the continual ambushing and tail attacks. His name is Smokey but we tend to call him Flea as he never stops leaping.

My migraines have been much milder and we actually managed to get to Florida for a week - first holiday in 4 yrs due to my health. We had a wonderful time, Luke especially and have lots of happy memories. This photo of Luke and pointy bird really makes me laugh. The apprehension!

I've generally got my life back and its great! Haven't got much spinning or knitting done though as I seem to always have my nose in a book. I've discovered the 34 book Dynasty series by Cynthia Harrod Eagles which I'm really enjoying. I'm also reading 'Sarum' by Edward Rutherford which is about Salisbury over the ages (its only about 40 min drive from here which adds to the interest). Its not the best written book but very interesting all the same

On the fibromyalgia and migraine front - migraine have been less frequent, mild and managable and fibro is slowly improving. I've started a drug called Cymbalta and it has been fantastic for muscle/ joint pain. Really made a difference.