Saturday, 23 May 2009

finally I am starting to feel better and have actually got some spinning done! But before I show you, I must tell you about 2 wonderful presents I received from internet aquaintances:

firstly from Natalie at The Yarn Yard, some gorgeous Falkland wool dyed in this months club colours. I was so happy to get it as its just gorgeous and I really appreciate her kindness:

And secondly, I swapped some Spunky Eclectic club fibre with Leanne (willwork4wool on Rav) and when it arrived it had this beautiful merino/ cashmere batt with it. Again, it really made my day and I really appreciate her kindness too:

I've finished spinning some fibre I bought from Shunklies ages ago - its lovely 19 micron merino, not washed yet so still a bit curly. Its about sport weight so socks may be in its future or a stole.

I've also wound off about 1oz of singles I made out of a 6oz bump of merino I got from Lakehouse Loft Fibres and are going to wash them and see what happens!

My lovely yellow socks have made no progress due to all the spinning activities occuring.

I went for my cardiology appt. in Bristol on Thursday and the heart patch is looking REALLY good - I've gone from having about 300 bubbles crossing my atrial septum to about 8!!! He kept me there for half the day having all sorts of tests because he thought I looked so rough but couldn't put his finger on what was making me so ill either. But whatever it is, its on its way out finally. Onwards and upwards ...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

I was knitting a sock with Kangaroo Dyer yarn (lovely colours/ gorgeous to knit with, love it lots) but it was too varigated to show the cable pattern. So I cast on again with some naturally dyed BFL sock yarn from Oxford Kitchen Yarns and I'm really pleased with how they are turning out. I just hope the yarn is really hard wearing as I adore these socks!

I had an interesting reminder about internet social dynamics the other day. I had placed a message in a forum of a popular dyer asking whether anyone would like to sell me some of her fibre to try - I like all the colours I've seen her dye so far and was keen to handle some just to appreciate intensity of colour, how the colour repeats worked etc. I like trying out different dyers as everyone does it differently.
It has been bought to my attention that apparently the 'regular members' of the forum had passed comment that because I did not specify a particular colour I wanted (which I could have done but thought would narrow down my options too much and just appear greedy), I was just a groupie who would want the fibre just for status purposes and not to actually use and appreciate!

The day I need a particular fibre brand to boost my social status and self esteem is the day I put a bullet through my temple.

Feeling a bit sad because I've been too unwell to get out and get a 40th birthday present for one of my oldest friends Maeva, who lives in Tahiti. We've known each other since I stayed with her family as an exchange student when I was 15. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I love her loads. So Happy Birthday old trout and your present will be in the post as soon as I can get out of the house properly.

I'm still not up to spinning but my enthusiasm is returning. I've had a few better days but blood pressure low today and not feeling so well again. I have 2 more weeks off work and then will have to face the music with them about my sickness absence.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'm slowly recovering. Getting on with knitting the leg of my second sock so almost done the pair. Being very well looked after by the chocolate contingent who are keeping very close:

trying to convince Mike to sell up and buy a house by the beach in New Zealand so I can be ill under a pohutukawa tree in the sun. He's not buying it so far.

Friday, 1 May 2009

finally home after 13 long days in hospital. Still feeling absolutely dreadful but at least back in own bed. Been smothered with animals sleeping with me today. So nice to just sleep and sleep and sleep as its exhausting being in hospital - never got a minutes peace. So just waiting to see whether things improve over the next few weeks.