Monday, 30 March 2009

My sock is ticking along really nicely. Up to the gusset of sock 1. I'm liking the Charade stitch pattern more and more.

I've worn a hole in the bottom of the other handspun socks I've made so need to darn them. I have worn them almost constantly over the past few months round the house so I'm not too surprised. I'm going to try 3 ply sock yarn next.

I've had a bit of a brutal fibre sale and sold about half of my stash. I don't like having things sitting around that I haven't a use planned for.
I've only bought one thing so far to replace it, this lovely merino roving from Hedgehog Fibres on Etsy. I'm going to ply it with the Bitter Orange roving I got from Pigeonroof a while back so I will get my lovely brown sock yarn!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

I've managed to get some more of my sock done. Not sure if I like the herringbone pattern but hey ho.

I seem to have a thing for sock yarn at the moment. Sick of cold feet I think. I just bought some yarn from Oxford Kitchen Yarns in gold. I've been looking for a nice almost solid yellow for ages now and hopefully this is it:

I was trying to get some Wollmeise in todays update as a little birthday present for myself but the shop crashed midway, after hours of refreshing to see whether there was actually going to be an update. I really really don't have the time or inclination to be chasing after yarn so won't try again. I strongly feel buying yarn should be a positive experience and this sure wasn't.

I've also decided that I have enough roving to sink a ship at present so are going to curb the impulse roving purchases for a while. Paying £12 a week for Luke's drum lessons helps a lot with my resolve not to buy anything for a while.

The only thing I really think I 'need' (ie don't need in the least) is some lovely dark chocolate semi-solid sock yarn. I really like this new Dream in Color colourway called Tea Party.

I also need to sort out the socks I have on the needles. I have a pair (one almost finished) but can't face finishing them as just don't like the colourway. Too pastel and meehhhh. So I'm thinking of reskeining it and dyeing it. Perhaps chocolate brown?

saying that, the yarn is from the P lucky K nitter so maybe I could swap it for some gold? and it doesn't look too bad now I've dug up the photo. I think I need to find the sock and reevaluate. Its actually got a simple eyelet lace pattern going up the leg which I made up.

I've also got a pair of sock (halfway done one) in a gorgeous shamrock green which I'm doing in a lovely flower like pattern. But its so slow to do that I may die of old age before I wear them. So again, I think I'm going to frog them and knit them up in something plainer. The photo does not do the yarn colour justice. It is so intense and gorgeous. It is Sweet Sock by Sweet Sheep:

Had both Luke and his cousin off school sick today (not very sick tho'). Rosie was very busy helping Sammy play on the Xbox. Then dog got a bath as she went for a long walk with Grandma and came home stinking of who knows what, so she is all soft and shiny again.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I've started my socks. Will get a photo tomorrow. they are knitting up nicely. I'm also spinning up the blue/ khaki merino I got last week for socks. I've never spun such bouncy merino. I'm not sure whether bouncy fibre needs to be plyed more or less tightly?

Need to have it done in next few days as finally joined Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club (woohoo!) and want to be able to start on it the second it lands through the door. Joining is my treat to myself for finally making it back to work - all the time I was sick I said if I made it back for 8 weeks I'd sign up.

the tooth abscess fairy has struck yet again. 5th time I've had antibiotics for this one tooth. But hopefully it will finally be fixed beginning of April, as long as the dentist can get near it without me hitting the roof. I swear to G+d that I'm going to get her to pull it if she can't fix it. Grrr!
I'm just thankful that my migraines continue to get less severe as the weeks go by. Its so nice to be able to make plans and keep to them most of the time!

One more week til the big 40. I never thought turning 40 would worry me but I feel a bit miffed by it all really. I think its cause I've lost the last 2 years of my life due to illness and want that time credited back to my account! Funnily enough, I'd always hoped to get on top of my migraines by time I was 40 - wish I'd found a less dramatic route, like just taking a tablet or something!

I've been dropping hints about a Strauch Petite drum carder to Mike but don't think the message is getting through. We've just had to buy a new washing machine so its not going to come to the top of my list for a couple of months at least. Why is it so annoying having to pay out for things like that? Sure couldn't do without one for very long.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

here's the Spindlefrog roving (bamboo/soysilk/merino) that I spun and plyed with jade merino/ silk. The little skein is leftovers of the first one navajo plyed:

Had a lovely Mother's Day surprise this morning (Mike is good with explicit hints!). Its over 8oz of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe superwash merino in 'Thistle' colourway. They didn't have it listed on their site and were very helpful when I emailed them to ask them about it. Its going to make some crazy bright socks:

I'm still knitting away on my little handbag. Its only 57 rounds but is taking me ages. I hate being so slow at knitting. I've been spinning some merino I got from LakeHouse Loft on etsy. I adore the colours and the fibre is very sproingy. Her customer service is great. Its quite unusual in texture compared to other merino I've used so far and is spinning up nicely:

I've going to go on a big sock knitting splurge. I desperately want lots of homemade socks as they are so warm. I've bought some Madeleine Tosh sock yarn and are going to spin, spin, spin for socks.

I'm going to try the Widdershins sock pattern from Knitty next. I like making toe up socks (great for big feet and using up all the yarn) but want to try a different heel than usual short row heel.

Hopefully I'll have finished a pair by next winter

Sunday, 15 March 2009

I've just discovered that one of my cousins in NZ reads my blog so todays photo is of her as a toddler. Lol!

and heres another one of us - I am the miserable looking one on the left. But look at Brenda's hair (far right)!!! Lol!

and she wanted to see a photo of us now. Here's one of me (looking a bit rough cause I'd only just crawled out of bed) and Sparky:

Went to Spinning Guild yesterday and had a lovely time. Spun up loads of a jade merino/ silk blend I got from Winghams to ply with the turquoise merino/ bamboo/ soysilk I have already spun. Its about the third thing I bought to ply with it but the others weren't quite the right colour.
We had a really good lesson about carding. And now I really want a drum carder - I'm thinking about a Strauch Petite. I really don't need one at all but boy, do I want one!
The meetings are held on a local farm that is open to the public. So I went for a wander to see all the baby lambs, piglets etc. It was great.

I also discovered that there is a knitting group that meets in one of the local pubs on a Monday night so I'm going to try and get to it soon.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

I've received some really lovely batts from Hobbledehoy as part of the batt club Mike bought me for Xmas. I adore them.

I'm currently knitting a cabled purse from Last Minute Knitted Gifts with some Pigeonroofknits handspun romney - its a beautiful colour and I'm loving how the colours are changing as I knit. I badly overplyed it so its perfect for this item!

I've been wasting time today (like all day today) as have discovered stumbleupon. Its fabulous. I've discovered so many new websites with wonderful stuff on them.

One of the ones I found was The Sheep Market. How cool is that? Luke had a great time watching all the sheep appear!

I love this site Bananca, especially the guinea pig queen!