Thursday, 27 November 2008

I actually made it out of the house to do some shopping today with Mike as escort. We somehow managed to obtain a shedload of tinsel so this house is going to glow this Xmas.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

was feeling better when I got up this morning and managed to have a stroke of some of my fibre stash ..... and then got the most exquisitely painful migraine so are drugged up to the eyeballs

It s Rosie dogs 4th birthday today so she has been spoilt - spent most of the day sleeping on the bed beside me. Luke has made some fairy cakes to celebrate.

Monday, 24 November 2008

feeling better today apart from a migraine. Onwards and upwards ...

Sunday, 23 November 2008

still feeling very wobbly and SO tired. I just sleep and sleep. I received some lovely flowers from my friend Sonja - they are really beautiful

Friday, 21 November 2008

collapsed and knocked myself unconscious on Tuesday night, then couldn't get up without losing consciousness again. Had 4 paramedics turn up (!) and ride to A&E in ambulance. Really embarassing!

My blood pressure bottomed out and they've spent the last few days trying to get it higher which has been fun. I now know that you feel like you want to die when your BP is 50/30 or lower. and that it makes Dr's move really fast. Have massive lump on back of head where I hit floor.
I had a reaction to the contrast medium they gave me when they were checking to see whether I'd developed a clot in my lungs and are covered in an attractive hot red itchy rash as well now.

Luke was up to visit me every night. He put on an apron and gloves whether he needed to or not and thought he was the new best thing to hit medicine.
SO nice to be back in own bed again. Got hit by an avalanche of labrador when I got in which was almost enough to get me admitted again. going to take it realllly slowly next few days ...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I got this gorgeous fiber thru the post this morning. Its from Spindlefrog again. Its a merino, bamboo and soy mix and is beautifully soft. I adore the colours - reminds me of Tahiti.

I'm now on a fibre buying ban. I've bought 4 lots in the last week just in case I needed it to line my coffin. But I'm now going to have to spin it before I buy any more lol. I was trying to get a selection of stuff I hadn't spun yet.

this is from Enchanted Hues Its Corriedale and the colours are stunning:

This one is from a lovely lady in France Lloer and is Merino:

and finally this one is from FreckleFaceFibers and is Merino again. I've been looking for some of her roving for a while and this one spoke to me:

Feeling tired today. Had a migraine but only a small one which is bearable. The photo below is what I've had put in my heart. The cardiologist called it 'The St. Jude device' which amused me greatly as St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. I told him he was a cheeky bustid! St Jude is the company that make them and he hadn't realised the 'lost causes' link before I told him.

Monday, 17 November 2008

I'm home again. The operation went OK apparently. The cardiologist said the hole was big and well worth doing. I'm feeling very sore though and spaced out.
Luke was disgusted that I wasn't up and running round as soon as I got home. He thought I'd be fixed straight away bless him so Mike had to explain it would take a few months to recover.
Going back to bed now ...

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thank You!

Some kind person has anonymously sent me a copy of Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008. I was very confused when I received it as I've not long ordered some other magazines and thought they'd sent me completely the wrong thing. and from completely the wrong place. and addressed to 'Rosie and Sparky's house. It did fox me for a few minutes and make me laugh!

so thank you very much to the kind person who sent it to me. It was very much appreciated!

Mike took me out to get a curtain pole for the bedroom. Of course, we ended up going to 3 different places before we found what we wanted. Its a very nice distressed cream pole.

My MIL is coming to get Rosie tonight for a little holiday until after my operation. She will be delighted to stay at Grandma's until she realises she is there for more than one night. The house is always very quiet without the chocolate tank clattering around (or the 'pig in a wig' as she is otherwise known).

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cardiac surgery has been postponed 24 hours until this Saturday. Can't wait to get it over and done with now so that extra day seems like an eternity to wait. Really really bored at the moment. Too bored to do anything at all. Just counting down the hours til operation.

My BIL has almost finished decorating our bedroom for us. He has painted it pale cream/putty colour and is going to wallpaper the back wall on Friday. The wallpaper is a lovely fresh green with a cream flowered pattern. I have matching pale green curtains and have just been out to get a cream metal light fitting - its like a chandelier shape with hanging crystals.
So if I'm really stuck in bed post-op at least it will be in a nicer room. Mike has had Sky TV piped upstairs in case I need it too. But considering I'm expecting my migraines to really kick off post - op I probably won't need that.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lest We Forget .....

This is my paternal Grandfather, Thomas Simon Mitchell, who was in the Seaforth Highlanders for the duration of WW1. He served in France and Mesopotamia.
He was injured twice - once by a lump of shrapnel while fooling round in a bomb crater with mates and then shot in appendix by German bullet. He died in 1942 from the effects of gassing received in WW1 - he was in the Home Guard despite this in WW2

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I'm making Luke a Lord Nibbler from Futurama as a surprise present (yes, I know I have still to make the arms for Bender the Robot but crochet is just SO SLOW!). So I'm knitting this one so its going a lot faster!

I received a lovely parcel full of Pukeko stuff from a good friend in NZ today (thanks Lynette!). And discovered there is such a thing as pineapple lump bars. my favourite sweet made bigger. did I say my FAVOURITE sweet (hint hint!).

Luke is going to stay at Grandma's this weekend (the lucky winner of this particular mini-break does not know the good news yet!) so its going to be lovely and quiet. The hound will go with him as they come as a joint package.

Almost finished one of Sam's gloves. Just got to ribbing round top end. But I mucked up and need to pick up stitches and feeling too stupid to do it properly.

Feeling really rough last few days - really, really, really nauseous. think its the new anti-convulsant, Lamictal, damm it. So I'll stop it yet again and re-start it in a couple of days.
I've press ganged my brother-in-law into decorating our bedroom just in case I end up stuck in it for weeks after the heart operation. Almond white walls and pale green wallpaper on one wall. I went into town today (trying not to throw up - worse than morning sickness this nausea) and got some really nice pale green damask curtains.

Monday, 3 November 2008

I've made some progress with the fingerless mitts I'm making. They were supposed to have a cable pattern on them but you couldn't really see it with this yarn so I frogged and reknit them plain.

Sparky has a new bed for the winter. He is supposed to sleep in the kitchen as he always wants to go out at 4am and I'm not keen on been woken up at this time. So I found a sheepskin Luke had been given as a baby and never used due to his extreme pukiness. Sparky is VERY happy with his new bed.

Have had a really bad migraine again since Saturday but just surfacing again today. Luke is on half term holiday and its so frustrating to be in bed when I could be doing things with him. Luckily Mike is working from home today and tomorrow so was around for him.