Thursday, 17 May 2007

latest layout and photo challenge ...

the challenge for today was 'strap':

using Linda Gil Bildal corrugated edges (yes, I am addicted); Anna Aspnes dots from Wander kit; butterfly sticker freebie by Dana Zarling; label maker alpha by Two Sisters designs; Nancie Row Janitz inked overlay (yet again lol!); ledger paper by Meredith Fenwick

have been taking loads of photos this week and learning about using actions in PhotoShop. this is my latest scrapbook layout. also spent some time taking photos of my neighbour and her little chap and got some really good shots. will play around in photoshop with them today if I get time.

have to see neurologist about my migraines again today ... hopefully he can recommend another anti-convulsant to help me prevent them a bit ... the last anti-convulsant I tried gave me cracking headaches, which sort of defeated the purpose lol. you couldn't make it up, could ya? at least I'm not getting them daily - I've just had 8 weeks off work because I was getting them daily which was just shite.


Anonymous said...

You know, I never even considered my watch! Loev your close-up of it, great shot. Your Layout is super too, full of life ;o)

Good luck with the migraines - or rather not getting migraines :o)

Anonymous said...

aaaaawwww I COULD've had bling...if I'd thought of watch strap... lol... you clever person you!!
What a fab layout too... someone else who's been a busy bee:)

Hope your migraines stop soon... I know how debillitating they can be... thankfully for me... glasses solved my problem, hope they manage to give you some meds that work!!

Lin said...

Cool shot.

Hope the get the migraines sorted out.

Jen said...

great shot! didn't even think of a watch strap! love your LO too!
hope they can sort out your migraines

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Never thought of that, fab photo x

marie said...

cool strap and love the house shoe thoo great shot

Debs said...

great photos! another star in the making then eh?? :)
i hope your migraines get sorted out dd has them so i know they are just mean. hugs. xx

Aubrey Harns said...

I like your take on "strap" - great shot.