Monday, 13 April 2009

I swear I'm as blind as a welder's dog sometimes. I was knitting away happily on the toe of my second sock and it crossed my mind quite a number of times (ie more than 5) that there was something not quite right with the whole thing. First I blamed my handspun, thinking I had plyed it so unevenly it was making the toe go skew wiff. then I blamed the thick and thin nature of my hand spun yarn. then I blamed the shape of my toes (WTF?) ... and only once I'd done about 2 inches did I realise that I'd been doing the increases wrongly. Doh! I should have been increasing at the beginning and end of each needle but had just been doing it at the beginning so the sock was twisting as it was knit. what a clown! so I frogged in a state of Zen like calm and have today reknitted past where I was, which is always an important psychological place to get over.

How the hell did I think my toes were that malformed?

I've been busy thinking about what I'm going to knit next (ie what socks/ what yarn). Think I'm going to use Oxford Yarns lovely yellow I bought recently. I really like this pattern called Feuillettes by PatternFish but probably wouldn't make the bumps go all the way down the foot in case they rubbed in my shoe.

Bit worried about how all this knitting is cutting into my spinning time though lol. I'm far to busy to have to work, especially now I'm getting better.

Sparky caught in in-action on Luke's bakugan game arena. He loves having a little tootle around with Luke's lego too once Luke has gone to bed. Still stropping because I didn't get the ragdoll kitten I wanted for my birthday tho.

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