Saturday, 9 May 2009

I was knitting a sock with Kangaroo Dyer yarn (lovely colours/ gorgeous to knit with, love it lots) but it was too varigated to show the cable pattern. So I cast on again with some naturally dyed BFL sock yarn from Oxford Kitchen Yarns and I'm really pleased with how they are turning out. I just hope the yarn is really hard wearing as I adore these socks!

I had an interesting reminder about internet social dynamics the other day. I had placed a message in a forum of a popular dyer asking whether anyone would like to sell me some of her fibre to try - I like all the colours I've seen her dye so far and was keen to handle some just to appreciate intensity of colour, how the colour repeats worked etc. I like trying out different dyers as everyone does it differently.
It has been bought to my attention that apparently the 'regular members' of the forum had passed comment that because I did not specify a particular colour I wanted (which I could have done but thought would narrow down my options too much and just appear greedy), I was just a groupie who would want the fibre just for status purposes and not to actually use and appreciate!

The day I need a particular fibre brand to boost my social status and self esteem is the day I put a bullet through my temple.

Feeling a bit sad because I've been too unwell to get out and get a 40th birthday present for one of my oldest friends Maeva, who lives in Tahiti. We've known each other since I stayed with her family as an exchange student when I was 15. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I love her loads. So Happy Birthday old trout and your present will be in the post as soon as I can get out of the house properly.

I'm still not up to spinning but my enthusiasm is returning. I've had a few better days but blood pressure low today and not feeling so well again. I have 2 more weeks off work and then will have to face the music with them about my sickness absence.

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