Friday, 17 July 2009

take one piece of freshly washed and dried Romney fleece, add one pesky Ragdoll cat and it = ultimate comfort. Bloody animal. I'll have to make him a nice bed for the winter with some now.

I've started knitting the Milkweed shawl and are really enjoying it so far. Its a really well written pattern. The MadTosh sock is lovely to work with too:

I bought some fabulous green sock yarn to make another one. Its from Saffron Dyeworks and is really beautifully coloured:

Generally I've done not much more than sleep this week. The pain is more under control. I managed to get to Luke's sports day which was most important. I also managed to win an auction on ebay for 39 Yu Gi Oh magazines for a tenner! so that will keep him busy over the summer holidays.


Cinders said...

Ctas always find the best place to sleep! usually on the clean washing.
As I've been absent from blogland for a while I've just had a cach up on your blgos. Love the shawl ans the cable bag. Your green and purple spinning looks lovely too.

ra said...

oh my gawd I think I love that yarn.

Catherine said...

Sleep is gooood lol

I have had CFS since I was ten (though not diagnosed til 19) and it can be a real struggle. Knitting, spinning and pets are a real escape though, aren't they? :)