Sunday, 30 August 2009

I've had 8 migraines in the past 12 days, some of them incredibly horrendous.
Psychologically I've been fine, just taking it as it comes, spending time with family, spinning, knitting, weaving in small blocks of time I am well enough to.
Until this morning. Luke has gone to see his sponsor donkey. Grandma pays for him to sponsor Choccy who lives at a rescue centre. Luke ADORES this animal and today its his birthday party to which we go every year.
But I've got a cracking headache from yesterdays migraine. Whats worse is that I'm too scared to go as can't face getting another migraine while there. I feel distraught hearing Luke all excited about going somewhere and not being able to share it with him.
And one of my best friends has moved 2 hours away and needs support. And I'm as much use as a chocolate fireguard to her.
I feel a pathetic shell of the person I was.

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Julie the LakeHouse Lady said...

Oh Honey!! I feel so bad for you! I've only had one migraine in my life, and it was more than I could bear. I passed out and spent the afternoon in ER!! I'm sending all the positive vibes your way, hon!!