Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I made it back to work yesterday. I am just so pleased to be well enough to go back.
We had a wonderful couple of days in York. I loved it and really want to go back but without the non-shopping male part of the family.

The Merchant Adventurer's Hall

a real hornbook (they also had a horn window)

unfortunately they didn't sell these in the gift shop

rats ahoy!

I've made a little scissor fob as I kept losing my scissors and it was driving me nuts. Its based on a Bent Creek halloween design Pumpkin on the Hill - I never got round to stitching it for this year so put the Blackbird on a green Shepherds Bush inspired hill instead. Its stuffed with some wool roving so I can use it as a needle park too:

Molly has finally decided to live downstairs after 5 yrs of self imposed isolation upstairs. She is not afraid of the dog at all and spends most of her time asleep on the window sill. The living room looks like a knackers yard now though with all these pets lying round unconscious:

Luke came home from school delighted yesterday as he has been put into the top group in his class for literacy. This is such a big improvement for him and he is so pleased with himself.


Hazel said...

Hi. Thanks for coming onto my blog and introducing yourself. Just had to come and see your raggie!!Beautiful cats! I love your blog and love all your projects. Love your quaker 6 mains. Love the colours you have chosen for it. Look forward to returning. Where abouts are you as I live in the High Peak in Derbyshire?xx

Anonymous said...

Shame they didn't sell the stocks, I could do with one of them :)

Scissor fob is a great idea! I have several pairs, can I fnd any of them? ever? lol :)

Glad to hear you're improving :)

dravenxiv Rav

P.S. ooo... I can comment with my LJ id, isn't that clever?!

Candi said...

threadgatherer : Smokey Greys

You asked me on the SB Blog what color floss the lettering was on O Beautiful. Thats it! Have a great day!