Monday, 23 November 2009

We went to the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday. Luke had a fabulous time. He met the artist who draws Simon's Cat and got a book with his name and an original sketch in it from the artist. Luke was delighted and has laughed and laughed over this book.

We saw lots of different types of cats, as you'd expect. Some were more laid back than others:

some had definate signs of breeding (don't want to write in breeding in case the cat police come after me .... oops!):

and some just wanted to play (this was my favourite little cat):

Luke tried out the human sized scratching post:

and then we were well catted out. We all thought that Sparky was much more show cat than any we saw there.

I've almost finished the alphabet on Bent Creeks Blackbird Sampler. Then I get to do the 'good' bits of blackbird, house and pumpkin!

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Anonymous said...

I would have been sneezing all over the place if I'd gone to that! :)

Human sized scratching post could have its uses though :)