Wednesday, 16 June 2010

first post for ages but blog is being reactivated at my Mum's request so she still knows I'm alive!
I've had a hairy few months with my migraines and chronic fatigue but are in a good place presently, although it looks like I may be losing my job soon due to illness. Its sad as I love being a chemotherapy nurse but life will go on.

new things are:
on the bottom of my right leg. He's Boris, named after the blackbird in our garden who comes when I’ve an unbearable migraine and gives me hope to keep on keeping on. The sketch is from an 18C drawing I found in an old book
the text reads ‘I shine not burn” because I strive to make sure my migraines don’t overtake me and is also a quote from my favourite series of books ‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon
He is on the side of my right leg and is about 6” tall

Humphrey the hamster. I'd never had a hamster before and say how much Luke and I adore this little man. He lives in the corner of our living room so that he can join in with family life and watch TV when he chooses to. He is quite the escape artist and has been discovered snuggling in my spinning fibre

the last thing I spun was some soft singles in 'Pallid' colourway by Hello Yarn. I adore this colourway and love the outcome


Anonymous said...

Love the yarn! love the hamster! love love love the tattoo! :D i am getting lilies on tuesday :)

glad to hear you're still alive, i've been worried too


Karan said...

Awesome tattoo. What a totlly cute hamster. Gorgeous yarn - love those colours. :0)