Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I have managed to spin a whole 40z of a lovely merino/ silk mix of blended pinks/ yellows I bought from World of Wool. It was really nice to spin - lovely and slippy!
I'm going to ply it with the 4oz of Late Bloom Merino I also finished this week (photos to follow). This one took me a month to spin.

I've had a good sort through my stash tonight as I want to spin some Xmas present yarn and I needed to choose what roving to spin and what to ply them with. So I had to make another purchase from World of Wool for plying complementary merino.

I've finished one of the fingerless gloves for my niece. She is pleased with it but I need to get up the enthusiasm to make the other one. or chop one of her hands off. whatever comes easiest.

I actually haven't got a headache today. It feels really strange after the 4 day wonder I've just had. God it was bad. I couldn't put my head on the pillow the pain was so bad.
But heres a photo of what keeps me going ...

Luke's been mentioning learning to play the drums over the past few months. So we took him to a music shop last week and he lit up when the man played the drums for him. So we arranged for him to have a lesson on Saturday (which I missed because I was in 'bucks yapping to a friend and lost track of time) and he loved it. So guess who is getting drums for his birthday on the 12th. Luckily a friend had a full adult set in the loft that her son no longer uses. Can't wait to see his face when he comes down and spots them. And they have got silencer pads on them too in case of migraine!

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