Saturday, 20 December 2008

I've only had one bad migraine since Tuesday so have managed to get some yarn washed and dried and start to think about what I'm going to do with it.

This one is going to be a present for Mum at Xmas:

And I've wound the first Late Bloom (Ewe give me the Knits) into a ball and are going to make this cowl from it. It appeared on Ravelry just the same minute I was looking at the patterns page. I cast on for it last night but had wrong circular needle so will try to cast on again for it tonight.

Luke had a fabulous birthday last Friday. I always keep him off school on his birthday so we can have a special day together. Luckily Mike was not working either so we took him to the cinema to see Inkheart (which was great) and went out for lunch.

He LOVES his new drum set and X-box (he wondered why we'd sold his Wii a few weeks before).

Mum arrives from NZ on Monday ... for a month!!! I don't know if we'll survive it but can only hope (stop laughing Lynette or I'll send her round yours when she gets home)

and the best news! Mike has bought me a Feijoa tree!! I adore feijoas and it really kills me not being able to scoff bin bags full. It going to be repotted and sent to MIL's greenhouse for the winter. MMM!

I'm pondering whether to get a weaving loom to use some of my handspun as I'm such a slow knitter. I might get this one here just to have a play and try to get it out of my system lol!

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