Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I've mostly slept for the past week. Not out of bed until 3pm, up with Luke until about 6pm and then back to bed for the night.
Its taken me until today to realise that I'm having daily migraines (which ususally cause bad, bad fatigue) WITHOUT THE PAIN! how weird and wonderful is that? I woke up today feeling knackered and took a triptan (I'm allowed 6 a month to abort migraines) and the tiredness abated. So its fabulous that the severe headaches are having a break but just need to get rid of the fatigue now. Its a really nice severe drowsiness tho' - I just doze and lay in bed listening to the telly. I'll be getting bedsores if I aren't careful.

Taking advantage of my increased alertness today I managed to get some spinning done. I'm spinning this from Spindlefrog as finely as I can on the middle ratio on my Rose. I'm loving the colours.
I also got round to setting the ply in 4 skeins I spun earlier in the month/ year as have just been too tired to think about it.

I managed to stay awake long enough to snag this beauty from Pigeonroof Studios tho. Been waiting a LONG time for a roving to be available. Its Romney wool - I had two pet romney lambs when I was in school so this made me smile.

and Mike and I almost died laughing when we saw this lovely item last night. Our current catchphrase is 'it must be true, its all round ASDA's', since one of the neighbours said this on camera when the poor child was finally found ...

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