Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I've finished the outside of the Cabled Purse from Last Minute Knitted gifts so now have the easy part of knitting the lining in plain stockinette.
I am really happy with how the Pigeon Roof Romney is knitting up, considering I completely overplyed it, being one of my earlier efforts. Its not next to skin soft though which is why this is a great pattern for it.
I love love love the colours. The depth and tones are gorgeous:

One of the ladies on Ravelry keeps Romney sheep and I had ordered a fleece from her. I've just had a message to say that its ready! Rosie is going to be delighted - she is like a glue sniffer when there is fleece around. Can't keep her snout out of the bad!

The doctor still can't decide whether I've got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS) or fibromyalgia. I'm taking between 700 - 800mg tramadol today to deal with my muscular and joint pains. The tramadol seems to really keep me awake during the day which is fabulous.

I overdid it on Monday and had to stay in bed yesterday as I was so weak I could hardly pick up a cup of tea. I feel so pathetic! The muscle in my right forearm where I did some gardening on sunday morning has gone solid. My neighbour was amazed at how hard it is. weird or what?


Crafty Cripple said...

That's an awful lot of tramadol! I didn't think you were supposed to take more than 400mg a day. If you are allowed more I'm back off to see my GP!

If you are taking that much you have to be careful you don't overdo things, because you can't hear your body when it is telling you to stop, or if you hear it, you kind of don't care.

Adee aka kiwigirl42 said...

don't worry - I miscalculated! what I thought was 100mg capsules were only 50mg capsules. So I was taking about 500 per day. And I've seen my GP who told me correct dose.
thank you for your concern tho. x