Friday, 5 June 2009

*spunky club spoiler below*

I’ve just today been to see the GP and she agrees that I’ve either got chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia ….. I think its more likely to be chronic fatigue syndrome as a) I was diagnosed with it about 4 years ago but got over the really bad patch and b) I’ve got rrecurrent sore throat and had a low grade temperature when I was really ill in hospital about 8 weeks ago.

My main problems at the moment are crippling fatigue and bad muscle/ joint aching. I spend about an hour or two out of bed and need to go back for a rest/ sleep for 2 hours.

I was really worried about seeing her about this as you don’t quite know whether Dr’s are going to be supportive or not but she was really really good. Signed me off for 2 months and referred me to a specialist clinic run by a retired GP, who apparently is very nice and interested. And gave me some really good slow release painkillers for my muscle/ joint pains.

Once they kick in I am hoping to get on with spinning again. My arms have just not been up to it this week.

I received this months fibre from Spunky Eclectic. Its Romney wool which I love spinning. I used to have a little pet Romney lamb called Tarzan who I adored. He was very naughty but good fun.

... and this gorgeousness from FreckleFaceFibers may also be living with me after 'accidently' hitching a ride on Mike's credit card. Its merino/ silk and just gorgeously coloured:

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BabyLongLegs said...

Oh yum Adee......that FFF roving has made me have urges to go over to etsy ;)

S xXx