Thursday, 11 September 2008

feeling really worried about seeing new neurologist tomorrow. the last neurologist could not have been less interested. As he said ' I'm actually more interested in epilepsy' and made me feel like it was a neurotic female thing I had. bastard. so fingers crossed something positive may come out of this visit.

A thread on one of the spinning groups I belong to has made me feel really sad. Someone was asking 'what are your other passions' .....

I used to: do photography and develop my own photos, walk my dog, work and love my job, cook and bake, read loads of novels, watch films, do lots of studying and be extremely sociable.

Now: - I try to hold it together for Luke, sleep, get migraines, sleep some more and just try to get through the day, with some occasional spinning or knitting ..... and I'm bored, lonely and its shit.

so I hope this neurologist is half way interested or I will be throwing a fit.

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Cinders said...

I posted a comment and lost it! Bugger!!!
Hope your visit to the neuro goes well today and sorry you're feeling so low. I know how it feels when you reflect on what was once your life and what it has become. sending you a hug