Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I thought someone had tossed a roadkill possum into our garden. I'd already told Mike to get the shovel out..........when I realised it was Mr Sparkles catching some late summer rays lol!

Managed to finish some spinning and just waiting to ply it. I'm trying to read up on plying before I tackle this one so I can improve my technique.
I've also tried using a smaller ratio to spin finer yarn - boy, it makes a huge difference.

I've got some nice yarn to make a winter jacket. Its a wool/ acrylic mix in a lovely heathered lavender colour (el cheapo off ebay as I'm broke but its lovely even so). I'm going to make this one here. And I've even done a gauge swatch!

Mike is off to Belgium tomorrow so my lovely mother in law is on stand by to come and take Rosie out for a very long walk.

I've got a date for attending pre-assessment clinic to have my cardiac surgery - 3rd October 2008. Hopefully the operation will be 3-4 weeks after that so the countdown begins. Eek!
had a very tired migraine'y couple of days. I've really upped my anti convulsants so expect a couple of sleepy weeks.

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Linda said...

Adee - I hope they can help you with your migraines.
The dog picture with the toy is so cute!