Friday, 12 September 2008

The visit to the neurologist went very well. She was really on the ball and had a lot of suggestions re: preventative drugs and drugs to take when I get a migraine. One of the drugs she has on the list to try has had very good results in the lab with rats apparently!
I was in the middle of getting one while in with her which was useful!

This gives me hope that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. And I got off my backside and contacted some friends last night and had a good chat - I get so anti-social when my head hurts day in and day out and need to keep making the effort to keep in touch with friends more.

Poor little Lukey Lu has been off school today with a tummy bug - luckily Grandma doesn't work on a Friday so Rosie and Luke have spent the morning there.

And when I got home the lovely roving from Mandie in Australia had arrived and its stunning. I am so glad I bought both of them. No idea what to make from it yet so I'll just have to stroke it for a while until it decides.

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