Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thank You!

Some kind person has anonymously sent me a copy of Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008. I was very confused when I received it as I've not long ordered some other magazines and thought they'd sent me completely the wrong thing. and from completely the wrong place. and addressed to 'Rosie and Sparky's house. It did fox me for a few minutes and make me laugh!

so thank you very much to the kind person who sent it to me. It was very much appreciated!

Mike took me out to get a curtain pole for the bedroom. Of course, we ended up going to 3 different places before we found what we wanted. Its a very nice distressed cream pole.

My MIL is coming to get Rosie tonight for a little holiday until after my operation. She will be delighted to stay at Grandma's until she realises she is there for more than one night. The house is always very quiet without the chocolate tank clattering around (or the 'pig in a wig' as she is otherwise known).

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