Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I got this gorgeous fiber thru the post this morning. Its from Spindlefrog again. Its a merino, bamboo and soy mix and is beautifully soft. I adore the colours - reminds me of Tahiti.

I'm now on a fibre buying ban. I've bought 4 lots in the last week just in case I needed it to line my coffin. But I'm now going to have to spin it before I buy any more lol. I was trying to get a selection of stuff I hadn't spun yet.

this is from Enchanted Hues Its Corriedale and the colours are stunning:

This one is from a lovely lady in France Lloer and is Merino:

and finally this one is from FreckleFaceFibers and is Merino again. I've been looking for some of her roving for a while and this one spoke to me:

Feeling tired today. Had a migraine but only a small one which is bearable. The photo below is what I've had put in my heart. The cardiologist called it 'The St. Jude device' which amused me greatly as St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. I told him he was a cheeky bustid! St Jude is the company that make them and he hadn't realised the 'lost causes' link before I told him.

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