Thursday, 6 November 2008

I'm making Luke a Lord Nibbler from Futurama as a surprise present (yes, I know I have still to make the arms for Bender the Robot but crochet is just SO SLOW!). So I'm knitting this one so its going a lot faster!

I received a lovely parcel full of Pukeko stuff from a good friend in NZ today (thanks Lynette!). And discovered there is such a thing as pineapple lump bars. my favourite sweet made bigger. did I say my FAVOURITE sweet (hint hint!).

Luke is going to stay at Grandma's this weekend (the lucky winner of this particular mini-break does not know the good news yet!) so its going to be lovely and quiet. The hound will go with him as they come as a joint package.

Almost finished one of Sam's gloves. Just got to ribbing round top end. But I mucked up and need to pick up stitches and feeling too stupid to do it properly.

Feeling really rough last few days - really, really, really nauseous. think its the new anti-convulsant, Lamictal, damm it. So I'll stop it yet again and re-start it in a couple of days.
I've press ganged my brother-in-law into decorating our bedroom just in case I end up stuck in it for weeks after the heart operation. Almond white walls and pale green wallpaper on one wall. I went into town today (trying not to throw up - worse than morning sickness this nausea) and got some really nice pale green damask curtains.

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