Monday, 3 November 2008

I've made some progress with the fingerless mitts I'm making. They were supposed to have a cable pattern on them but you couldn't really see it with this yarn so I frogged and reknit them plain.

Sparky has a new bed for the winter. He is supposed to sleep in the kitchen as he always wants to go out at 4am and I'm not keen on been woken up at this time. So I found a sheepskin Luke had been given as a baby and never used due to his extreme pukiness. Sparky is VERY happy with his new bed.

Have had a really bad migraine again since Saturday but just surfacing again today. Luke is on half term holiday and its so frustrating to be in bed when I could be doing things with him. Luckily Mike is working from home today and tomorrow so was around for him.

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Cinders said...

oh gorgeous kitty! i like your fingerless mitts too.

hope your head clears up.