Friday, 21 November 2008

collapsed and knocked myself unconscious on Tuesday night, then couldn't get up without losing consciousness again. Had 4 paramedics turn up (!) and ride to A&E in ambulance. Really embarassing!

My blood pressure bottomed out and they've spent the last few days trying to get it higher which has been fun. I now know that you feel like you want to die when your BP is 50/30 or lower. and that it makes Dr's move really fast. Have massive lump on back of head where I hit floor.
I had a reaction to the contrast medium they gave me when they were checking to see whether I'd developed a clot in my lungs and are covered in an attractive hot red itchy rash as well now.

Luke was up to visit me every night. He put on an apron and gloves whether he needed to or not and thought he was the new best thing to hit medicine.
SO nice to be back in own bed again. Got hit by an avalanche of labrador when I got in which was almost enough to get me admitted again. going to take it realllly slowly next few days ...

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