Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cardiac surgery has been postponed 24 hours until this Saturday. Can't wait to get it over and done with now so that extra day seems like an eternity to wait. Really really bored at the moment. Too bored to do anything at all. Just counting down the hours til operation.

My BIL has almost finished decorating our bedroom for us. He has painted it pale cream/putty colour and is going to wallpaper the back wall on Friday. The wallpaper is a lovely fresh green with a cream flowered pattern. I have matching pale green curtains and have just been out to get a cream metal light fitting - its like a chandelier shape with hanging crystals.
So if I'm really stuck in bed post-op at least it will be in a nicer room. Mike has had Sky TV piped upstairs in case I need it too. But considering I'm expecting my migraines to really kick off post - op I probably won't need that.

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