Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I actually made it back to work today. I was SO nervous! Two colleagues couldn't make it to work because of the snow we've been having so instead of reading protocols etc like I thought I would be doing, I was right in cannulating, giving chemotherapy, venesecting etc. It felt really good but I am so exhausted and I was only there for 3 hours.
It was really nice to see everyone and patients I've known for years. So not so worried anymore.

Its supposed to snow really badly again tonight so Luke had all his fingers crossed that school will be closed tomorrow.

I've managed to get two weeks annual leave over the summer (the first two weeks of Luke's school holidays) so if the weather is good (please g*d) we can go camping or something.

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Cinders said...

Hi Adee,
I'm glad work went well for you and that your migraines have reduced.
my Mum is on her 4th lot of chemo unfortunately. we're hoping this lot keeps it at bay for a while longer. her primary was ovarian, stage one , encapsulated so we didnt expet it to come back. But it did.
anyway hope you keep well.