Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is is cruel to be trying to work out the micron count of Sparky's fur? I've been doing some blind testing. Molly, our other cat, is more of a Romney but she was a wild cat so I'll let her off. Mr Sparkles, however, is a Ragdoll and moults like a moulty thing. I reckon he is on a par with baby alpaca. Definately softer/ finer than 19 micron merino but not quite angora I don't think.

I've been spinning some 'art yarn'. Dark green thick and thin plyed with bright green twists and bobble overspun bits. Quite impressed with it but really don't think I could do a whole 8 oz like this. would like me sometime into the next millenium.
Photos to follow when washed and whacked.

Thank goodness for Vitamin penicillin. Feeling so much better today. People must have really really suffered unbearably in the days before antibiotics were discovered. Makes me shudder to think. I have an old medical textbook from 1912 and its a real eye opener, especially some of the early cancer treatments.

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