Monday, 2 February 2009

I've been feeling really low this week which is not like me, worrying about going back to work I think - and then this was delivered which really cheered me up from one of my bestest friends who lives in Tahiti (merci beaucoup Maeva!).

Its been really snowing here today. Mike spent 8 hrs trying to get to Gatwick Airport and had to come home. He is going to try to get to Ireland tomorrow for work. I was supposed to start work with a study day tomorrow but thats been cancelled as so many people can't make it so I'm starting Wednesday morning instead.

Luke, Rosie and Sparky have all been out enjoying the snow.

I spent the day spinning. I've started the lovely Plum Possum from FatCatKnits. I needed something which was a beautiful colour and I could just enjoy spinning. Its lovely. and still matches the cat.

I'm also pissed off because I really want to do some further studies, either in Literature or Anthropology. I'd love to do this course here but because its distance learning I can't get a Government loan to pay for it. I can't guarantee I'll ever be well enough to commit to a 3 yr course I have to drive to because of my fecking migraines ... saying that, I've only got another few modules to do to complete a degree from the Open University so I'll have to look into that again.

I just feel so demotivated at the moment. Everything is such an uphill struggle and its just going to be so humiliating if I get back to work and then have to go off sick again.

But I'm fed up with wallowing now so I'm gonna pop on over to Kiva and see if I can plan to give some loans once I get paid at end of February

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