Thursday, 5 February 2009

I'm knitting up some handspun baby alpaca at the moment into a cowl. I bought it last May off Etsy (where else?) and it took a whole EIGHT months to arrive, despite being posted the day I bought it. Its lovely and soft:

Its a bit duller in colour in real life but still gorgeous. I started doing a lacy patterned cowl but made a mistake about 2 inches in so frogged it and have just done plain stocking stitch with a garter stitch/ eyelets/ garter stitch border. Its soothing mindless knitting which helps me avoid finish plying Plum Possum with some ecru BFL. For some reason the bobbin is slipping and I can't be bothered trying to find out why at the moment so it awaits me.

I've just ordered some of this beauty from Frecklefacefibers. It merino and looked very icy/ wintery:

We had lots of snow (for us anyway) overnight so Luke got his wish and school was closed today. We didn't find out until 8am when we were already up and dressed ready to take Rosie out path making to get him to school! He is desperately hoping school will be closed tomorrow too so is booked into Grandma 's just in case. The country has almost run out of salt and grit for the roads so it should be interesting getting to work tomorrow.

Luke had a fabulous time making snow forts in the garden and Rosie ate her own body weight in snow (at last, a low calorie labrador food!). We had lots of birds at the bird feeders, including a robin who was at maximum puff to keep himself warm. They are hard little ratbags. He was chasing off everything else until he'd finished his breakfast. We saw blackbirds (pair who live in next doors hedge), starlings, sparrows, chaffinches, one big fat pigeon and another type whose name escapes me.

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