Monday, 16 February 2009

I'm lying in bed eating Pineapple Lumps, thanks to a timely emergency parcel received with thanks from Lynette. Mike generously gave me his virus for a Valentine's Day present so, on top of my infected tooth, I'm not feeling too great and have spent the day in bed.
And I'm pissed off because I managed to lose 6kg of my anti convulsant weight over the past 5 weeks by eating very carefully with no sweets or chocolate- and managed to put on 1.5kg over the last week, despite being ill and eating less. Hence scoffing Pineapple Lumps to cheer myself up ;0).
Luke is all snuffly so think he's going down with it too. We were going to take him to London tomorrow for a half term holiday treat but he is not feeling up to it.

I decided to get the gold merino/ silk to ply with my turquoise fibre so just waiting for that to arrive. Not been up to spinning today to still haven't finished the turquoise. Its taking ages. Not sure whether its the mix or cause its so finely spun. Mixture of both I think.

I managed to snag some Pigeonroof Studios roving from someone having a destash of Ravelry so can't wait to spin this baby. Its superwash BFL:

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