Sunday, 8 February 2009

I managed to scare the life out of Mike yesterday morning by turning blue and passing out for a good minute. I'd already told him I wasn't feeling too great so he'll sure take notice next time I say that lol.
I spent the rest of the day in bed in case I fell over again but have been fine today.
Think it was another vasovagal attack. Really can't be bothered going to the Dr unless it happens more often as I'm sure they won't be very interested.

Worst thing about it is that I haven't finished plying the Plum Possum with ecru BFL. It seems to be taking forever but at least it gives me time to decide what to spin next. I'm using

Luke had another day off school Friday and had a wonderful time round at grandma's with his cousins making an ice fort. The poor dog was exhausted when she came home.
Luke then spent the weekend sleeping over at his cousins house. His best friend lives almost next door to them and he had the most fantastic weekend. It so lovely to see his little 9 yr old face so happy and full of enjoyment. He is the best days work I've ever done.
Its snowing a bit now but is supposed to really snow again tomorrow night.

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