Monday, 30 March 2009

My sock is ticking along really nicely. Up to the gusset of sock 1. I'm liking the Charade stitch pattern more and more.

I've worn a hole in the bottom of the other handspun socks I've made so need to darn them. I have worn them almost constantly over the past few months round the house so I'm not too surprised. I'm going to try 3 ply sock yarn next.

I've had a bit of a brutal fibre sale and sold about half of my stash. I don't like having things sitting around that I haven't a use planned for.
I've only bought one thing so far to replace it, this lovely merino roving from Hedgehog Fibres on Etsy. I'm going to ply it with the Bitter Orange roving I got from Pigeonroof a while back so I will get my lovely brown sock yarn!

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