Sunday, 22 March 2009

here's the Spindlefrog roving (bamboo/soysilk/merino) that I spun and plyed with jade merino/ silk. The little skein is leftovers of the first one navajo plyed:

Had a lovely Mother's Day surprise this morning (Mike is good with explicit hints!). Its over 8oz of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe superwash merino in 'Thistle' colourway. They didn't have it listed on their site and were very helpful when I emailed them to ask them about it. Its going to make some crazy bright socks:

I'm still knitting away on my little handbag. Its only 57 rounds but is taking me ages. I hate being so slow at knitting. I've been spinning some merino I got from LakeHouse Loft on etsy. I adore the colours and the fibre is very sproingy. Her customer service is great. Its quite unusual in texture compared to other merino I've used so far and is spinning up nicely:

I've going to go on a big sock knitting splurge. I desperately want lots of homemade socks as they are so warm. I've bought some Madeleine Tosh sock yarn and are going to spin, spin, spin for socks.

I'm going to try the Widdershins sock pattern from Knitty next. I like making toe up socks (great for big feet and using up all the yarn) but want to try a different heel than usual short row heel.

Hopefully I'll have finished a pair by next winter

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