Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I've started my socks. Will get a photo tomorrow. they are knitting up nicely. I'm also spinning up the blue/ khaki merino I got last week for socks. I've never spun such bouncy merino. I'm not sure whether bouncy fibre needs to be plyed more or less tightly?

Need to have it done in next few days as finally joined Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club (woohoo!) and want to be able to start on it the second it lands through the door. Joining is my treat to myself for finally making it back to work - all the time I was sick I said if I made it back for 8 weeks I'd sign up.

the tooth abscess fairy has struck yet again. 5th time I've had antibiotics for this one tooth. But hopefully it will finally be fixed beginning of April, as long as the dentist can get near it without me hitting the roof. I swear to G+d that I'm going to get her to pull it if she can't fix it. Grrr!
I'm just thankful that my migraines continue to get less severe as the weeks go by. Its so nice to be able to make plans and keep to them most of the time!

One more week til the big 40. I never thought turning 40 would worry me but I feel a bit miffed by it all really. I think its cause I've lost the last 2 years of my life due to illness and want that time credited back to my account! Funnily enough, I'd always hoped to get on top of my migraines by time I was 40 - wish I'd found a less dramatic route, like just taking a tablet or something!

I've been dropping hints about a Strauch Petite drum carder to Mike but don't think the message is getting through. We've just had to buy a new washing machine so its not going to come to the top of my list for a couple of months at least. Why is it so annoying having to pay out for things like that? Sure couldn't do without one for very long.

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