Sunday, 15 March 2009

I've just discovered that one of my cousins in NZ reads my blog so todays photo is of her as a toddler. Lol!

and heres another one of us - I am the miserable looking one on the left. But look at Brenda's hair (far right)!!! Lol!

and she wanted to see a photo of us now. Here's one of me (looking a bit rough cause I'd only just crawled out of bed) and Sparky:

Went to Spinning Guild yesterday and had a lovely time. Spun up loads of a jade merino/ silk blend I got from Winghams to ply with the turquoise merino/ bamboo/ soysilk I have already spun. Its about the third thing I bought to ply with it but the others weren't quite the right colour.
We had a really good lesson about carding. And now I really want a drum carder - I'm thinking about a Strauch Petite. I really don't need one at all but boy, do I want one!
The meetings are held on a local farm that is open to the public. So I went for a wander to see all the baby lambs, piglets etc. It was great.

I also discovered that there is a knitting group that meets in one of the local pubs on a Monday night so I'm going to try and get to it soon.

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Cinders said...

Great photos. The one of your cousin covered in mud reminds me of my own daughter as a toddler! You look lovely in your recent photo.
How wonderful having such a great time spinning. It sounds fabulous.
Thanks for sending me a hug!