Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Feeling so much better today.
Have been doing some more crochet on Bender's shiny metal ass - about half way up his body now. I think I am the worlds slowest crocheter as well as the worlds slowest knitter. who knew I could be so doubly talented?

Mike been put through his paces in new job - 10 hour days in the classroom and then out at night. He is knackered but says job sounds like it will be really interesting. He will be back from Belgium tonight.

Luke and I are having a day at home today - he spent the day at Grandma's with his cousins again yesterday as I had a migraine. He went swimming, played lego and had a great day. Rosie got the legs walked off her again and is also knackered. I've just put the fire on for a while as it is cold and wet here today and she is snoring happily in front of it. No sign of an appearance by Mr Sparkles yet today. He is usually first on the scene when the fire goes on.

I'm taking part in a spinner's swap on Ravelry so need to crack on with my spinning offering soon just in case I get taken down by migraines closer to the sending date.

I heard from the lady about my baby alpace fleece - she has one from a little chap called Assam she is going to sell me. Here is a photo of him with his Mum Whitesox. Cute or what?

And I've also managed to acquire another half Mule fleece from a lovely lady on Ravelry so that should be dropping through the postbox any day. Mike is going to have a stroke when he sees all this fleece arrive.

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Cinders said...

Oh what a cute Alpaca!! Does the fleece pong? I know when I'm dying Alpaca the wet wool stinks and every one in the house moans about it!
Glad you feel better today