Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Just stayed in bed today - my head still really hurts. Had very long, painful night.

Luke went to Grandma's with his cousin so I had no reason to get up. He had a lovely day - went swimming and other nice things. He is such a lovely little monkey. I am really proud of him (when I don't want to throttle him, that is!).

Mike's taking his racing bike to a track day tomorrow so Luke and I have a whole day together. We're planning lots of films and popcorn. Fingers crossed my head will be a bit less sore.

Still not able to spin, knit or crochet and can't even look at stuff on the internet as my eye strings are killing me (yes, thats a medical term - eye strings. They really really hurt when you turn your eyes when you have a migraine). So its just me and the BBC World Service for another night.

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