Tuesday, 5 August 2008

had the most awful migraine today. Luke home so had to stay up most of day as not fair for him to be alone all day - found some earplugs and wore sunglasses which helped. Its been a very long, long day. I havne't been able to spin or knit for days which is really frustrating.

I rang the hospital in Bath where I was referred to the neurologist about 8 weeks ago by my GP to find out where my appointment was only to be told they have no record of my referral. So I've had to chase my GP to get another referral. I know they sent the original as they told me they had done so. So its going to be months before I see the neurologist now.

And did I mention my head really really hurts, I can't stop being sick and I'm going to bed now Mike is home. Poor man has started a new job this week and has to come home to this. I did offer to get Luke a new Mummy today but he said he'd prefer to get the old one fixed. God love him.

Anyway I going to go to sleep - Rosies come up for a cuddle and has designated herself todays 'migraine cat' so can't keep her waiting

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