Friday, 29 August 2008

got an awful migraine Wednesday evening and was awake all night with it. Then spent most of yesterday in bed or the bathroom as couldn't stop being sick.

Unfortunately there was no one around to have poor Luke so he had to spend most of the day entertaining himself - I managed to go downstairs a couple of times to lie on the sofa for the odd half hour during the day and to give him some food. Makes me feel really guilty.

I'm still in bed today - Luke is spending the day at his friends house so I know he'll be having a great time. Thank God as I just wanted to sleep today. and I did. Mike is home now. Luke says he'll kill him if he ever goes away again lol!.

Received my lovely Shunklie's roving through the post this morning. They are as beautiful as they look in the photo below. I need to crack on with spinning for my swap partner then will start on this ..... when I am well enough.

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