Friday, 22 August 2008

Started spinning the fibre I bought from Etsy today. The colours are absolutely stunning and I'm hoping to make myself some socks. I have some other roving I can dye dark purple for the toes and cuffs if more yardage is needed.

had a quiet couple of days but no migraine since Wednesday thank goodness. The weather has been lovely and sunny. I had a look at the fleece I bought and filled the sink with hot water to start washing it - and then couldn't face doing it and put the fleece in the bin. Just can't face having to card it all once its washed. Lesson learnt to buy pre-prepared fibre only in future.

Rosie is back from her mini-break at Grandma's. She is exhausted and snoring heavily on the floor after having the paws walked off her. She gets a lie in there though as Luke is always up at 5am here and gets her out of bed. The only bad thing about her staying there is that she sleeps in the lounge with three cats. I bet she doesn't dare move a muscle all night in case she gets pounced on.

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Cinders said...

your spinning looks lovely. hope the migraines stay away!!