Wednesday, 20 August 2008

We managed to get to the Priddy Sheep Fair today! The weather was damp and warm but not torrential rain. There were lots of travellers selling horses which was fabulous to see. Some of the mares had their foals with them (is a mother donkey called a mare?). One of the foals was really new with very shaky spindley legs!

Then we went down the road to the 'sheepy' bit. No wool for sale that I could see but some shearing going on and sheep for sale. Couldn't convince the boys to bring a sheep home with us. The ladies from the Avon Spinning Guild were there spinning away and were very pleasant to meet.

Had another migraine overnight but luckily the worst had passed by this morning so dosed myself up and didn't feel too bad.
We stopped at ToysRus on the way home and Luke scored some Star Wars lego much to his delight. He hated the Sheep Fair lol! He said 'this is the only time I ever have to come here in my life, isn't it?'

I made an apple pie the other day with some of the apples off one of our trees. They are truely laden this year. Unfortunately we haven't got our free range rabbit this year to scoff them all.

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