Monday, 18 August 2008

Mike and his sister have taken Luke and his 2 cousins to Legoland today - its been really wet on and off so think they are probably drowned rats but as its Luke's favourite place on earth they will enjoy themselves (well, the kids will) ;0)
I did warn Luke to watch out for the pink lego in case it dragged him over to the dark side - he is very wary of anything pink. He calls his cousins the 'pinkinators' as they love it.

Not feeling great. think I've got another migraine coming. feel really tired and yawny but no sign of it yet. Got letter from cardiologist saying he'd be delighted to stuff a catheter into my heart and plug the hole for me so on waiting list (the 5 month waiting list.) wouldn't want to be sick, would you?

Found a fab online site for NZ history documents called the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre . I had a dream I was on a whaling ship off the South Island last night (who knew?) so thought I'd read more about it.

I've also been looking for another module to take towards my never ending Open University degree. I've got to get another 60 points at level 3 and I'll be done. I'm hoping that by Feb 09 I might be up to starting something. There is two 30 point courses I'd like to do: Infectious Diseases; and Senses (vision etc not common) so fingers crossed for a complete cure by Monday next.

This arrived in the post for me last week from a lovely etsy shop DragonFibers . Its called Free Range and is blue faced leicester roving

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