Tuesday, 26 August 2008

had a lovely friend to stay on Sunday night - she is a knitter too so we had a fab time talking yarn and spinning amongst other things. And Sparky didn't run away from her either which is a miracle 'cause Oskar (ex-ginger tomcat) hated her at first sight. Lol!
She and I are going to the yarn show run by iKnit in London in 2 weeks time.

I've spun up all the purple/ gold coloured yarn and hopefully can ply it tomorrow. Then I will have a bobbin to finish the yarn I am making for my swap partner on Ravelry.
I've just got these two lots of extra fine merino roving from Shunklie's at Etsy I'm hoping to make a shawl as it total 8oz. or a very big stole:

I took Luke to get school shoes this morning. What a NIGHTMARE! I could have killed him. In fact, I almost did. He hates shopping at the best of times but really played up today. But we got some in the end that cost £35 (gulp!)

Still having migraines but the pain seems to be a lot less on 2100mg of gabapentin. Still getting the overwhelming fatigue and nausea etc but not unbearable pain so thats a step in the right direction.

Mike is still in Greece. He rang to day to say that its 36 celsius in Athens today. grrr.

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