Sunday, 17 August 2008

Luke has had a friend to stay overnight so they've had a great time doing boy stuff and turning the house upside down. Luckily the rain stopped long enough for them to renact StarWars on the trampoline.
Had a migraine last two days. grrrr. I've increased my anticonvulsants for the second time this week. I'm going for the kill or cure option this time. Good news is I have a neurology appt. on Sept 12th so fingers crossed.

Managed to buy something lovely for my Ravelry swap partner on the fabulous Etsy.
I bought this for me this week too from Chimera @ Etsy:

I've had to cancel my alpaca fleece purchase unfortunately. I had to buy a load of stuff for the cat at the vet so can't afford it now. But I'm sure I'll survive this setback lol.

Going to spend the day watching the Olympics and taking the hound out walking. Mike off all of next week so planning some day trips.

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