Saturday, 4 October 2008

Don't read this if you don't want to hear me moaning yet again.

I'm feeling really really unwell so have dropped the dose of gabapentin again. Woke up with really swollen legs and ankles and getting breathless really easily which is a known side effect of this drug. Feel really shite. Have spent every day this week in bed as so tired except for Friday when went to see Cardiologist specialist nurse about my operation - did all the pre-op stuff and she is going to try and get me in in next couple of weeks. Au secours! and I came back from that appt. and went straight to bed again.
Sick of being sick and sick of moaning about being sick lol.

Its our wedding 11th anniversary today, 14 years since we first went out. And Mike's best man came over from Holland and they've gone out on their motorbikes (the 'girlfriends') for the day. Really glad Mike is having a good day out. He must get fed up with me being sick all the time.
Luke not feeling 100% so we've had a day of watching films and eating popcorn. And trying to make 3D cardboard Star Wars figures. Yes, me with my befuddled brain trying to follow instructions. Needless to say R2D2 has no legs yet at this point in time.

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Cinders said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad again. dont worry about moaning thts what blogs are for and your on line pals will be there to lend an invisible shoulder.

happy anniversary. sorry you couldnt celebrate. Hope you're feeling better today