Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I dyed some BFL earlier in the week - the blue one is to be spun and plyed with the bird's egg coloured roving I am spinning at present ... which is taking forever because I'm managing to spin it a lot more finely.
The amber one is to be spun and will be sock stripes with the lovely Chica roving I spun earlier and the yellow one is to be plyed with the roving in the previous post - it may be a bit pale tho.

I've decided that I'm going to make myself some fingerless gloves with the lovely alpaca yarn that Helen gave me in the spinner's swap - I'm hoping to use the sequinny (is that a word?) one around the cuffs for a bit of winter bling.

Sparky has taken up residence in the washing basket.

Rosie is not sure whether this is allowed.

And I've been feeling really unwell for past two days. I thought I'd just got Mike's bug he had last week but it turns out I have a raging dental abscess so am on antibiotics - funny thing is I'm not in much pain thanks to the nerve pain killing side effects of the anti-convulsants. So they are good for something then. The dentist is worried I may get endocarditis due to heart defect so hoping it doesn't happen. Like really hoping it doesn't happen.

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