Monday, 6 October 2008

I've finally finished spinning the Free Range BFL I got from Dragon Fibers on It seems to have taken forever. Now I have to spin the BFL I dyed pale blue to ply with it. I'm hoping I'll get a lot of yardage out of this and that the pale blue I dyed does not overwhelm this bobbin too much.

I also managed to get a few more rows of my cabled jacket knitted today. I adore the colour and are really happy with how its knitting up. I adore knitting cables.

I'm finally getting over the flu - like virus I've had. Man I was ill over the weekend. Didn't know where to put myself. And because I've lowered the dose of Gabapentin the swelling in my legs has gone down and I am actually awake!

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Cinders said...

gorgeous colours. i hope to spin like that one day sigh! hope you're feeling o.k at the mo